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Friday, June 17, 2011


This is the Terra Forma Evolution Hub
There's this guy who lives on the front range of Colorado who we ALL know of in the cycling world. He's a rippin mountain biker along with his son Brady, both of whom have earned Stars and Stripes Jerseys in different classifications and disciplines. Well Russ is one of those very talented and good guys who wants to make the world of Mountain Biking better for all of us. He's done that by engineering a new hub, basically at home, which is going to do that in the future. The Terra Forma Evolution Hub is here, and both Russ and Brady have nbeen tearing up the local MTB scene on them this season, currently ranked one and two in the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series on the Evolution. There is a very good review of the Evolution at web page. Check it out, learn something new, and look for the Terr Forma Evolution soon to be rippin under your MTB soul soon. Look for a set to retail around a grand for the limited numbers which will be available in the near future.
Russel Kappius' detailed but very UNDERSTANDABLE description of why his hub is better can be found right
HERE, on the Terra Forma Sports Website.

The descriptions and photos below are taken from the review page.


The solution to the problem hit Kappius a few years ago when SRAM introduced its “hollow” cassette designs. Kappius said to himself, “that should be hub under there, not an air pocket!” From this eureka moment, Kappius came up with his design philosophy: “The number one priority of my hub design is to make it more reliable. Second is simpler, followed by lighter.”
Wider: Because Kappius is filling that void with hub, the bearings in the Evolution hub are much more widely spaced. This strengthens the entire structure of the wheel and is less tasking on the bearings themselves. In fact the oversized bearings in the Evolution hub are spaced 50 percent wider than in most current production offerings

Bigger: Everything is oversized on the Terra Forma Evolution hub. Kappius upped the size of not only on his hub’s bearings but also the size of the drive mechanism. Bigger bearings are stronger, easier to seal and last longer.
Kappius improved transmission reliability by making the engagement interface twice the diameter of standard cassette bodies. When you take apart the hub and inspect the pawls, springs and bearings and compare it to a normal hub, you see how bigger really can be better.
Faster: Kappius also saw that he could achieve all his reliability goals while making engagement quicker. A few companies like Industry Nine have started to realize the advantage of a super fast engagement. Currently the Terra Forma Evolution hub has 180-point engagement (Industry Nine has 120 point engagement).
I really noticed the quick engagement over technical terrain where I could pedal several half revolutions to keep my pedals from hitting rocks.
Lighter: Without the funding of a big R&D department Kappius already has his hub weights at 115 grams and 260 grams for front and rear 9 mm quick release hubs. A front 15mm thru-axle is 120 grams and a Lefty front is 110 grams.

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