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Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've  been on a bike exactly three times since New Years day. I'm not feeling very A2B these days. However, with that said, and those days behind me, I have been skiing my ass off this winter to the tune of 75 days on the hill, and I know it is almost time, it is almost time to rebirth my addiction. Years of experience have taught me to chill this time of year while most others that are not world class athletes to begin with are smack dab in the middle of making themselves very tired in August from being on the bike too much. Yes, it's time to unleash the Addicted to Bicycles gene within, and unleash the fury of rubber on dirt and asphalt. Despite the light snow year, it's been an amazing winter on so many fronts, which included popping one hell of a blister and putting it in the past. And the skiing has been a riot, and it is going to be a riot, and I'm back in the high country in Eagle County, and I do not have to stare at the mountains through the haze any longer. With 40+ dates already on the announcing calender not including cyclocross season, this is going to be an amazing season, it already is. It's time to ride bikes.....

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