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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I was 12, and a rabid Mets fan, and they sucked, and then they won a World Series in 1969, and I'm going to see them next weekend in Denver, and this is the greatest catch EVER in a World Series game at a critical moment, which swung the series in the Mets favor, and they won a World Championship, and then in 1986 Bill Buckner fucked up the World Series and his life, and the Mets won another one. Right now the Rockies kind of suck, but it aint over till it's over...dawg.

And Mookie Wilson is correct, I remember exactly where I was when this game was played, on the beach in San Felipe, Mexico with about 30 drunken friends watching the game outside someone's RV on a satellite dish TV, it was evening on the left coast of America and Mexico, and tequila was involved.

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  1. As an old NYC guy... I love reliving those memories. Thx JMac