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Monday, April 2, 2012


I have turned into a bit of a working stiff like most of the world this winter, working an eight hour split everyday has left me with zero hours of daylight to ride my bikes, which by the way I am addicted too. Typically I'm riding long easy days on the road at this time of year piling up miles. Can't do that this year. Instead I've been riding very little, on my days off and riding uphill a lot, primarily on the front range. But now the night has changed, and the temps are climbing during the darkness, which means it's prime time night riding conditions. For those of you who have been riding the Boneyard in Eagle all winter and spring and thought it was a good idea, it was not, the trail is pretty fucked up compared to years past, so thanks for riding in the deep mud ruts and continuing to ride them for MILES even though you KNEW you were fucking up the trail. Dicks.

In the meantime, I've unleashed my personal night owl with a fury and will be riding the dark often, for two more weeks, then it's gonna be time to start riding some serious miles. Life is grand aint it?

And after my move back to the high, I had lost a lot of gear to boxes. Fortunately, I found the greatest pair of night riding glasses ever prior to riding last night, my prescription Exowind Rudy Projects, which absolutely ROCK for night riding. They helped me avoid hitting about 1743 deer last night.


  1. I'm in the market for lights to ride with. What's your poison?

  2. Brian, I've got two Nite Riders (500 & 1200 Lumens) and a Seca (400). However, with that said, there is a company out of Australia that makes a BOMBER light set up called Ay-Up, I've reviewed them here on A2B.

    I'd have bought their two light set up if I did not already have three lights. I've used em and it's a sweet set up and compact. You must ordfer them direct as there is no USA distributor as of last time I checked..