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Sunday, April 22, 2012


This was the weekend I've been waiting for now for quite sometime. Not only was it the start of the mountain biking announcing schedule for me, but it also marked the official end of my winter job at Christy Sports in Beaver Creek, giving me a much more flexible schedule for play time. With that in order, it was time to head to South Park (yep, it's really South Park, Colorado where Kenny gets killed nightly) and the town of Hartsel to my property which I bought about 20 years ago to camp and fish with my old fishing buddy Steve and his hunting dog Nook. The views are still stellar, the wild burros are still everywhere, and the fish still eat the same shit, which is all perfect.

If you fish in Colorado, you know this place...
Classic Dream Stream water....

Above is Steve's dog Nook, grouse chasin champ..below, the view to the north of Kenosha Pass and South Park

Elgee acres, camping at it's best...

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