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Monday, October 15, 2012


You would think that as long as I've enjoyed racing CX that by now I would have experienced the advantage of riding and racing on tubular tires and rims, well I have not. I have not because I do not because I just don't have the money to invest in a $2000 set of wheels and another $250 to dump into tires, then learn the process of gluing them properly. I pretty much don't care much about it. But I was curious, and so I had a friend give me a set of old tubie wheels and I had a set of Vitorria tubeless tires I had purchased while I was still repping a wheel company. Si I figured what the hell, give a it a shot. Well.....I did yesterday, and like so many horror stories I'd seen and heard about with tubeless set-ups, I rolled mine, twice, and ripped the valve stem right out of a brand new tubular tire as you can see above. That was an expensive fuck up. Looks like I was born and raised for a good ol pair of clinchers and tubes....anyone want a Mavic Reflex rear wheel? What a ricka.

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