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Thursday, November 21, 2013


 This is the D2 Shoe Power Wire. This is the latest offering from Don Lamson at the Eagle based D2 Shoe offices and shop on Chambers Ave in Eagle, Colorado. If you are not familiar with the D2 custom shoe process, check out the website HERE. You will find a picture of Don Himself there as well as the history and the process involved if you want the finest cycling shoe on the face of the earth. They are pricey, but they will fit your foot like Keith Richards fits into the Rolling Stones when you receive them. I've been riding in a pair of D2 Mountain Bike shoes for roughly five years, and all though they are hammered and tired, they feel better on my feet every time I slip them on. The fitting process guarantees a perfect fit, with insole to match your fucked up foot shape perfectly. The latest offering from D2 seen here is the Power Wire road shoe. EVERYTHING about the shoe is custom, like all D2s. You can pick the colors you want and the fit is simply not to be matched by anyone any where. The wire closure combined with one velcro power strap guarantees you'll have the shoe snug to your own anal specifications on any given day. Just get off the airplane and have swollen feet? Loosen up the closures a skosh for comfort. The wire wheel adjusts incredibly easily and can be done on the fly. Turn until the desired snugness, or simply turn the wheel in reverse to loosen the wire and resnug to the desired tightness. The velcro strap is even easier to deal with should you need to on or off the bike.
And talk about customization, I asked don for 1mm extra last in the front of these Power Wires than I had in my MTB shoes and they were lasted to perfection. THE most comfortable road shoe I'll ever own, period.
 The carbon soles are light and rock solid guaranteeing every ounce of power you put into the shoe, is going to directly transfer to the pedals and insure 100% of your effort goes to moving you forward on the bike. The Power Wire is incredibly lightweight as well and worn by many of the top professionals in the world, including Peter Stetina and Matt Cooke. If you are that "custom" kind of rider that needs perfection in every aspect of your gear, D2 is the only choice for your feet...give Don a call to see what D2 Shoe has for you.

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