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Friday, November 15, 2013


 Bass fishing in Florida is usually good, sometimes it's really good. Cold fronts get it really really good. Mom lives in a really really good spot where the bass fishing is really really good, and it's a thirty second walk from the bass.
 I'm glad my mom lives near a warm beach in November rather than having to go Minnesota or Iowa or one of those other sucky places in November.
 Of course the main purpose of these south Florida trips is to check on mom and make sure her ticker is still ticking and that I'm still capable of totally pissing off the neighbors when I just show up and start ripping all of the bass out of their ponds, which of course happened. Mom got an Ipad, and it is the world's job to teach her how to search for Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence videos on Google and Youtube because they are so adorable. She also knows how to open e-mail. It's a grand world. The Facetime app was bit of a whirlwind, mom kept aiming the Ipad to try and get a better look at the person she was talking to, she may never get that one, but it sure is fun to watch.

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