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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Here is a little tid bit for you back country experts. I love dawgs, and I sure like to see them at ski areas if they have their shit together, however don't believe for two megalanches that if you ever get buried in an avalanche that they will find you, alive. Oh, it's fun to watch them prance around and find buried pieces of rawhide bones and humans purposely buried alive in obviously man created piles of snow with holes "pre dug"....but if you get buried, forgettabout it, they will find you when you are dead, so ski with a piece of raw bacon in your pocket if you ski the back country so an "avalanche dog" can find you faster after you are dead. Years ago when I made a very crappy living writing stories for a now out of business newspaper in the Vail Valley, I wrote a story about "Avalanche Dogs". There has NEVER been an avalanche victim found ALIVE by and Avy Dawg ever, in the history of the United States. So if you should take the big ride and are found by one of these dogs, you will be found dead, but the dog will be happy. Dogs are really good at finding dead expert skiers. Have fun out there.

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