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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


 It's been one hell of a winter, and I've been fortunate enough to have many of the really good snow days off by myself or with my fiance to go ski. We like skiing. I really like skiing, and all though I'm pushing 60 years of age, when it snows I can still kind of get after it a little bit if I dig deep enough. I really like skiing with Anna, we got her some new skis this year and she is really enjoying them in the soft snow which we have seen plenty of 2015/2016. She is on a Salomon Rocker 108 at 172cm. It's a fun ski.

2016 is off to a rip roaring start...including a big purge on Facebook. Facebook has turned into a festering pile of crap if you let it get out of control, so six weeks ago I sat down and manually deleted 2000 "friend" profiles on my Facebook account. It's funny, when I first joined FB, I friended or joined every single thing cycling related which was the problem, that came with a shit ton of spam and other issuess. It's gone now and I'll try to move forward with friends who are friends who may care about what is happening in my day, if not, they can unfriend me, no strings attached, I won't won't give a crap, trust me. I also had to let go of "friends" who posted copious amounts of bullshit about life, politics, themselves or who did not ever post things that are clever and funny....I'm on FB for entertainment and business purposes only. I tried to steer people to my Larry Grossman/Event Announcers page on Facebook as well as this blog, which is making a slow comeback from it's glory days, if it ever had glory days, and it is working. So if I unfriended you on Facebook and it hurt your feelings, don't take it personally, just change your personality and lighten up and maybe I will like you again. I don't give a fuck what your political views are, or what you think of others political views, and I certainly don't give a fuck about what you got for free from your sponsors, that is why they gave it to you, because they are your sponsors, so don't tell me how great it is, ok?  
One more thing....if you like this blog, that is great, if you don't, don't let the door hit you in the's my blog, I can talk about me all I want here, you have a choice to read this bullshit or not.
I've had a lot of fun following people I like on social media for the most part. I have found that if your personal life is pretty incredible and full of fun and loving friends and worldly and awesome experiences regularly, some people resent that. It is also a turn off for people that have been born with the gift of good athletic genetics who actually believe because they can beat you in a race or some other type of lung busting competition that they are both socially and morally better than you and will take as many pot shots at you as they can when the opportunity arises because you have fun when they are not part of it. I find this a symptom of an extreme lack of personal confidence as well as having an innate "one up personality". Which is fine...enjoy.

I do not need to go into all the details of where I have been or what I have done, it is strewn across many places and friendships along my life path...I see many of my younger friends now locked up in the struggle of life's daily chores and requirements...and I think back to when I was their age and how simple it was in the mountains when I was that age...the ability to have one job and just ski and fish and ride bikes, which is what I did for many years. Times have changed dramatically and I  have moved into another faze of my life and it is pretty wonderful. It's a shared life with nothing to prove..

And with that said, I will be reporting on how fucking awesome the AC/DC concert at the Pepsi Center was this coming Monday night, from row 9. One up that shit. 

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