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Friday, February 5, 2016


If you are fortunate enough to live a long and fulfilled life, you will see this often along the way. To the living it makes no sense, to those afflicted it is the only answer and way to stop whatever demons they are dealing with. It must be an incredibly dark place to be in if you decide to take this path out, I don't recommend it, there is always help and people and friends who love you and care about you....but if the dark is all you see, so be it. A single day is precious, I hope many of you have learned that along the way, I certainly have. You do not get days back once they have passed, they disappear into a fog forever, but you have the experience and the memories created on those days, and that is a spectacular part of life. Find people you like, stay connected with them, do things you enjoy because you enjoy them, not because someone else told you to. Life is simple if you keep it that way, I've said that a million times in my life. Go ski, fish, bike, kite surf, hike or do whatever you do and find some sanity out there. I've lost cousins, friends and many acquaintances to suicide along the way, I've never tried or wanted to figure out what their demons were telling them to do, or why they did it.  It's not my job to figure out what anyone's dark side is telling them to do. I will however tell you this....if you have a bucket of shit to deal with and are half a sane person, call me, let's go ski or something and work through it. Keep it simple friends, life gets hard for all of us sometimes, but if you look around you subjectively, there is a shit ton of fun and good people out there to help you through the pile. To be honest, my first thought was CTE, but that is for the experts to determine.....To think this guy could have been throwing double back flip tail whips today. Fuck.

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