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Monday, May 2, 2016


It's been a very busy couple of weeks all while being basically on the death bed sick, but it's done now, so let's catch up, if I may. My fiance and myself took a trip to Florida to visit my 89 year old mother. It was a lot of fun and we occasionally took a break from eating while we were there, but it was some damn good eating. 

I even went swimming a couple of times because we were in Florida and it was hot outside.

The night before we all started to get sick, including mom, and we all still are sick a week later, we went to see the Panther-Islanders round one playoff game. The Islanders won in double overtime 2-1. It was a pretty awesome game and the rats were spared being thrown on the ice for the last time of the season.

We went to this cool new trail head in the Everglades, which is a 27 mile gravel loop you can ride your bike on, and watched the sunset. We saw some alligators and a bunch of birds. There were some bugs there too.

These ducks swam by one day. It was a big deal.

This is a good place to golf, and a really good place to bass fish and it is in my Mom's backyard.

We had to fly around some big storm clouds on the way back to Denver, they looked very cool from the airplane.

I tried the brand new train ride home from the airport. The train broke and it took me two hours. It was really cold and I coughed my brains out getting more sick. It was not as much fun as I thought it was going to be. Maybe next time.

Then I flew to Phoenix and drove up to Prescott for the Whiskey 50 which should probably really be called the Kaolin Cosmos comedy hour. He never stops the entire weekend, which is good, because I was still sick all weekend.

A lot of people raced their bikes, near 1800 on Satirday

It rained and stopped and rained and stopped all day Saturday.

I ate as many In-N-Out burgers as I could in three days, which was many. They even delivered us lunch on Saturday, Animal Style. It was awesome. Now I'm back home in Colorado, and we are all still sick. The end.

Dave McElwaine captured this image of my high five to Ben Sonntag as he wrapped up his 50. Second place behind phenom Howard "the sniper" Grotts earned him a check for $3000.

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