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Sunday, September 14, 2008


When I pass from this earth, I truly believe that the place I go will be a day like today. Bluebird skies, temps in the 50-60's, lots of cycling friends to share the day with, and racing that keeps a smile on your face from start to finish. There is no suffering on days like today, even in a CX race, But instead the experience of the start of another CX season. It's so good for the soul, getting up early, making a fresh pot of Jo, starting the car and turning the heat and defroster on, stopping in Frisco for an awesome muffin at the Butterhorn bakery and another cup of Jo, pulling into the Breck Nordic Center and stretching, registering, filling out those pain in the ass waivers, pinning my number just how I like it, warming up and checking out the course, getting my tire pressure dialed, then lining up and waiting to start. If you have never crossed raced, what follows is pure heaven, poetry in motion and a war for the ages, chasing friends and freinds chasing you, and then it is over and the stories are told and we all laugh and drink a beer or two. When I die, I want to be trading blows with David Burns on a cyclocross course in a race that never ends, and have my friends and others ringing cowbells and screaming encouragement. The only thing that could make it better would be if while I was racing I could also be cheering for all my homies racing in other classes during the day...maybe in heaven , or wherever we end up, we all race together and cheer for each other, yeah, I think that is how it works...some pics and vij from a fantastic day.



Big E passin.......

McFreak closing a huge gap

Kansas Jay in his first CX race...killed it.

Damien Fraser, head upright, 12th in Cat 3's...

Scotty B gettin on it..

Courtney pulling away on the hill...

Bourque applying some serious pressure...

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  1. looks like the weather didn't co-operate...wheres the rain/mud/snow?