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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a true showing of admiration for the French, who tried to screw Lance Armstrong over for years with their false doping accusations, Lance presented this gift Trek Madone to President Sarkosy yesterday, custom paint job and all, because Sarkosy "loves the sport of cycling". The president of France then signed the frame and noticed a funny "odor" coming from the bike. When he took the bike back to his palace and took the seat post out to adjust it properly, he noticed a big turd had been stuffed down the seat tube along with a note from Lance and the USA saying "kiss our asses, here is to number eight", which was a nice touch.

Just minutes later, Sarkosy called Italy with the report and told them if they allowed Team Radio Shack into the Giro this year that it would be an all out border war between the two countries as no one shits down his seat tube and gets away with it.

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  1. I put some lunchmeat down a friends seat tube once... he came back 10 months later, wondering if grease could "go bad" and cause such a stink. Gotta love the drunken bike-shop holiday parties.