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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's not a world changing event by any stretch of the imagination, but it hopefully is going to change something on some level, and for the better, for our mountain biking community here in the Eagle, Colorado area. This is the first sign.
Thanks to the Greg Wolfgang of the BLM, Billy Savage who produced the movie Klunkerz which helped us raise a little bit of $$$ at Yeti's Grind in Eagle last fall, Jean Krikorian who came up with our SICK logo and stickers for the HSC, and those of you who have joined the Hardscrabble Singletrack Coalition Facebook group and especially those of you who came to the movie last fall and contributed. We now have one sign posted, and as soon as the snow melts I will begin my onslaught on the rest of the carsonite BLM signs on Hardscrabble Mountain and get things moving in a positive direction for all those who want to come here and ride. Yeah, there is a small part of me that says "what the fuck are you doing Elgee? Trying to let the cat out of the bag so everyone can ride our triple top secret singletrack here in Eagle and actually KNOW where the trails recognized by the BLM are?" But you know what, as I get older, I realize it's pretty damn important to try and leave some type of legacy, no matter how miniscule it may be in the big picture. If someone asks me what type of fly I'm using if I'm catching a bunch of fish I show them, if they want to know where I choose to go RIP singletrack with my friends, then share the wealth, let them brag about our shit as well.
Come and ride it.


  1. Keep up the good work and thanks for the support.
    Ride on!
    Billy Savage

  2. Thanks Billy, and thanks for documenting the history of Mountain Biking.

  3. If we want mtbiking to continue into the future we have to let people know where the trails are. I have kept trails secret only to find that over the years there is no maintenance because so few people ride the trails. We should be happy to see more mountain bikers and not feel so cocky as to think a trail belongs only to a select few. I can't wait to ride some of those trails again this summer on my vacation from Maui.

  4. So true Donnie, I used to have a group of about 15 buddies outside of Meeker were I worked. We had about a dozen miles ofSWEET singletrack we used to maintain and ride. We left and the trails are gone now, not even a trace of em they are so grown over.