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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For a change of pace today on A2B, I thought I'd post something useful for the first time in 2.5 years of blogging here. Many of my friends and acquaintances consider me a moron I'm sure for many reasons other than the purely obvious ones. I like to ride solo on the road, and I like to ride far sometimes solo on the road. Sometimes these excursions take me to places where there is no cell phone coverage or "help" for miles on end. I enjoy these rides, I do not take an IPOD with me to listen to music, I think that pretty much fucks up the experience I'm looking for (not to mention actually hearing those logging trucks coming up from behind). I find these rides less expensive and much more theraputic than discussing my personal issues with someone who has twelve degrees in psychology, or going to the local watering hole to drink myself under a table and then getting punched in the face by some douche bag drunk fishing guide for no reason other than the fact that he is pissed because he did not get laid last year. I also enjoy the "work" of the long solo ride, as there is no wheel to hide behind like Mark Cavendish likes to do before unleashing his fury for 50 yards and winning important flat stages of the grand tours before dropping out. I get to ride MY pace and train at a pace that works best for me.
So, there are a few things you need for these long solo efforts, which are pictured above. First get some Squirt Lube, apply it once to a clean drive train, then you are ready to ride a jillion miles without re-lubing. Secondly, be sure to bring TWO tubes and a tire lever just in case (I also bring a patch kit). This way you've got the flat situation covered and can patch if it comes to that. ANY type of multi tool, you do not need them often, but when you do, you can be screwed if you do not have one. The last thing you want to be doing early season is waving down Billy Bob Thorton's character from Slingblade for help on the Colorado River ride to "help" you out, fuck that. Of course you need some type of "udder balm" to keep the rocks from getting sore and swollen, and lastly, and this is VERY important, bring a GOOD frame pump in case you do flat, one that will get you up to 70-80lbs. of pressure for a smooth ride back home. CO2 cartridges work fine, but if you have not used them often, and you hit the trigger or do not seat them on the valve stem properly, you'll be left in the middle of no where with your dick in your hand and a flat tire you can't inflate, which can be a little disconforting when Slingblade stops to ask if you need help.
Happy solo riding...

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  1. Ha ha, Elgee, I did that ride in reverse last fall for the first time solo and got stuck halfway back to Wolcott from State Bridge. Wasn't expecting such a long ride and only had 2 bottles of water and 2 honey stinger packs. 5 hours later with only 310 calories in my system with about 2200 spent, I was touching my cell phone to street signs to try and get some signal. As darkness approached I finally flagged someone down thinking, well at least I know where all of those cars are headed... yeah, it was the one truck that had a driver who lived about 500 yards from where I was! Luckily they were happy to drive me to Wolcott. Gorgeous ride though. Next time I will try it in the other direction.