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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hmmmm, see any interesting lines out there?
I'm an idiot, that goes without saying. During what is going to go down as one of my favorite Mountain Biking seasons ever, because I have NOT raced at all, and I've simply been riding all of my favorite shit whenever I feel like and at whatever pace I feel like on that particular day, I'm going to fuck it all up an go race next weekend, at Keystone, in the State mountain bike championships, because I like riding at Keystone and it's close to home, and I'm sure I'll race like shit and be disappointed with my result, but isnt that what all racers do? And then I can sit around and talk about how my start was'nt good enough, or how I ate wrong, or how I did not sleep well the night before, or how have I not trained enough for racing, or that I'm too old, or that my brakes were rubbing, or that I had the wrong tire pressure, or that it was too hot, or cold, instead of just saying that I sucked and that all the racers that beat me are just stronger riders than I am, and taking FULL responsibility for my own actions, it's usually the truth and the most simple explanation. On second thought, maybe I won't race, because nobody actually gives a rats ass about why I'm going to say I sucked on that day.......
With that said, yesterday was kind of a fun day on the bike, again.


  1. elgee, you won't remember me but we went to HS together at Coconut Creek. Got your deets a while back from Mike Logan who does the Facebook thing - I don't. Here's the deal - I don't really remember you from the 70s but I've been reading A2B for months. I love it man. really, the blog is cool. I read it every morning. I like the attitude, the life and of course, I love bikes. I have a place in the Vail Valley and will be out there in Sept. I love to bike (but I'm a flatlander). If you have any interest, I'd love to hook up when I'm there. Reply here if you care. If not, no big deal. Keep havin' fun. Chin up. Cheers LG, Kevin Brolley

  2. Brolly, I remember you, call me when you get out here. 970-376-1244. Where is your place? I sold real estate for 5 years so I'm probably familiar. Hope you are well and let's ride.

    Larry G

  3. Thanks Larry. Will do. I have one of the Brookside Townhomes opposite the west lot of BC on Hwy 6. Love it. I'm at I look forward to hooking up and riding. Kevin

  4. I now work up at Beaver Creek, ski the shit out of the place, and I'm up here right now at the Beaver Creek Lodge...we'll hook when you get out here. I'll be in Yellowstone the week after Labor Day then Interbike in Vegas the last week of Sept. working.

  5. perfect! I will probably be there till mid Oct, maybe longer. Have fun in Yellowstone and we'll talk after that. Be safe. k