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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


With Interbike RIGHT IN OUR FACES, I thought maybe I'd try prostituting myself out when I arrive in Vegas on Sunday. It might be a good way to support my In and Out Burger addiction. Lord knows I'm going to need it. And for those of you who think I'm now a sinner for typing the words "Lord", "prostitution" and "In and Out Burger" in the same sentence, I reply with a resounding blow me.
Dirt Demo might be a good place to "hook" up.
Or I could pose as a "player" in Harrahs....
Or maybe pose as a retailer and "HOsale" myself

Or maybe just face reality and work it like a snow maker with the "cold as hell" approach and see how that goes, since we are just about ten days away from the snow guns firing up here in Colorado, yes that is right, just about TEN FUCKING DAYS from blowing snow.


  1. Hey Elgee. this blog continues to be a cool place. The pics and vids get better every day. It is fun! Thanks bro. Anyway, I'm here and would love to meet up for a coffee, an anti coffee, a ride, a hike, or a fish. I'm easy - it all works for me. The colors out here are amazing! Much more subtle than back east....Kevin brolley 561-441-8115.

  2. Kevin, I leave for Vegas on Sunday to work at Interbike, I'll be back Thursday and see if I can get ahold of you then...I'm working till then up at the Beaver Creek Lodge till 3pm the next two days, stop by.