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Sunday, June 10, 2012


The third annual Beti Bike Bash was hosted and put together by Amy Thomas (McSizzle) and the rest of the Yeti Beti team. Fantastic racing and incredible sportsmanship was shown by these power house woman when Teal Stetson Lee racing for Luna crashed badly on lap one. Erin Huck who was in the lead group stopped racing to make sure she was ok and would be properly attended too, re mounted her steed, and chased hard for four more laps to finish third, just half of a second out of second and a very impressive ride from Chloe Woodruff. Just fourteen seconds in front of both of these riders was Heather Irmager, who took the win. Gross, Compton, Smith and Boniface rounded out the top spots in this photo...great day, great event. Cheers ladies.

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