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Thursday, June 21, 2012


I think it is safe to say I have a reputation on this blog, A2B, for being a dick to some in the world. Which is the point. It's a great place for me to come and get lost for a few minutes and write about absolutely nothing while at the same time knowing that someone, somewhere is probably getting pissed off about something in these typed words because they just do not like me, which is again the point. That being said, there are a fair number of you out there that read this with the intent to read it for what it is worth, nothing, and hopefully funny and inspiring thought, and that I've actually typed what many of you are thinking. There are also a fair number of you who know that deep down I'm a pretty good person, who loves cycling and the stories and the people who ride. I give everyone a fair shot, if you are a dick to me, then I'm a bigger dick to you, it's simple, and I'm good at it, right?

Let's get back to this story. I met a very talented rider from Columbia at the beginning of this racing season when he blew up the Rocky Mountain Endurance field at the Voo Doo Fire race. He was humble and gracious in victory. I immediately became a big fan. He has had two very impressive pro field top ten finishes this season at the Teva Mountain Games and the Ute Valley Pro XC tour which was won by Ryan Trebon. His name is Fernando Riveros Paez. I saw him this weekend at the race in Colorado springs and he quietly told me on Saturday he had a gift for me. On Sunday, prior to the racing action started, Fernando came to my announcing table and brought me some gifts from Columbia which included a Columbian key chain, coffee candies and this had made and painted clay bus shown carrying provisions which are so commonly seen in his country which he carefully explained to me in his best broken English, I was actually touched which I know many of you find hard to believe as you probably think I have no heart, but I do. It was an incredibly kind gesture from a racer that we are sure to all embrace. He is sponsored by Rotor Bike Components and Bandwagon Racing, cheer for him loudly and give him plenty of loud cowbell, he's a good guy. Thank you Fernando.

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  1. This was a very nice blog post! And I don't know if you are a dick to some in the world but it is nice that you are not afraid to say what is on your mind Larry! My own experience trying to do the same the last 2 years has taught me that in America, we don't really have freedom of speech as I had always thought we had. People are scared to speak up sometimes for a variety of reasons. Even if I understand why some can't speak up because of family or jobs, it is still disappointing that in the good ole USA, people don't feel they can say what is on their mind without worrying about backlash. It has probably always been that way and I was just naive...but I am glad there are a few out there that still speak their minds via articles, blogs, or whatever format fits them. Thanks for being in Eagle Larry as a lot know you are a good person, you add to our community, and I thank for putting your opinions out there! And thanks for the information on cycling - learning a bit more each time I check it out.

    Brandi Resa
    Eagle Town Trustee
    facebook: brandionboard