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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Yesterday I got to participate in one amazing day at Vail. I was honored and humbled to be asked to host and MC the Pink Vail event at Vail ski Resort as a last minute replacement for the original host who had a family issue and had to leave town. Me, Elgee, hosting a huge cancer benefit for the Shaw Regional Cancer Center in Edwards, Colorado. It was an empowering day, and I nearly got through it all without shedding a tear, but I did not. This is a special day, and if you get the chance to participate in the future, you will never be more grateful for being a part of something in your life. Get a team together or go individual to raise some money for this incredible cause. Powerful is the moment when thousands of survivors, friends of those inflicted, the inflicted and just plain old supporters ski down Simba at Vail at the end of the day to celebrate life. What a day, a great day full of great people and stories....they raised nearly $340,000. Good on all of ya.

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