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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Last night was kind of weird. I woke up thinking about this year's Pro Cycling Challenge which is Colorado's premier professional cycling event. After two years of being involved with the race here in the Vail Valley I decided to walk away from this incredibly time consuming "volunteer" position on the local organizing committee and spectate most of the race. I rarely drink anymore these days, and I was guessing that after a couple of cocktails after work this eve, compliments of the BC Lodge staff as appreciation for taking care of them with ski gear all winter, that the alcohol may have been what was actually keeping me awake. I was thinking about how busy my announcing career has gotten, all the work left to get my race Cult Cross together at the end of the month, how good the skiing has been the past month, and curiously enough, where this year's USA Pro Cycling Challenge would be settled. Last year I watched Jens Voigt solo to victory literally right out the window of where I work in the winter at Beaver Creek's Christy Sports location. I thought about this years race and exactly where it might get decided. Besides the Vail time trial, which will be absolute mayhem again this year, I choose Wolcott pass on the Steamboat to Beaver Creek stage to be decisive. The climb from State Bridge to the top of the pass could turn out to be the deal breaker for an eventual winner, and I plan on being up there leading the cheers.... 

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