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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A very long story. This is just part of a story that took place in the late 90's when corporate America was blowing money like a fat ugly guy in a titty bar. This photo was taken by Wade Shultz who was one of seven fishing guides on this long strange trip. This photo is from one of the premier bone fishing resorts south of Cancun in Ascension Bay. That is a real scorpion, and somewhere out there is a sequence of photos that shows me actually eating this scorpion. The scorpion had been soaking in tequila for over a year, and the tradition was to eat the scorpion and drink a shot of the tequila on your last night of your stay at "this place". Seven rebel fishing guides had been invited to Mexico for ten days of fishing and touring the Yucatan by some incredibly wealthy people, every expense paid, and we went. We fished, drank heavily, traveled in small private planes, ate like kings, danced, fought, drank more, got fired, got rehired, got driven around in private vehicles to ancient ruins, stayed in stupidly fine accommodations including two destination haciendas you could not believe the fineness and gluttony of. in general, we had an amazing time, Seven really good friends at the start of the trip ended up polarized and wanting to smack each other upside their heads. Some remain very good friends today, some do not. I'm going to write a book one day and this trip story will be a part of it, and it will all be true and none of it will be believable, but it happened. The bottom line of the entire ten days is this, don't ever eat the fucking scorpions.

This blog has gotten tired lately, I'm simply too busy to keep it rolling right now. Cult Cross, work and skiing have me buried in work and planning, and then there is this little thing called announcing that keeps me busy as well....things should get better soon, and to tell you the truth, they can't get any better than this picture above, because this story is better than the Motorcycle Diaries.

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