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Monday, September 17, 2007


Somewhere in the middle of this run-up at Brecktobercross yesterday, chasing a bunch of 35+ year olds and being just two weeks from 50, I decided blogging might become a better option for me. This was the run-up which put me in the crapper in the middle of the race, literally, and made me think I need to share this incredibly miserable experience with everyone else in the world. You see, if you have never seen a pic of an old man running to the porta-john with his bike on his shoulder well here you have it, thanks Mario for capturing the moment when I was not actually trying to advance my place in this race, but instead was hell bent on getting to the dumper before anyone else could beat me there if they may have been in a similar position, funny how the mind panics when nature calls....I guarantee you all I WON that sprint. Having been in a decent position prior to my stomach ailment on lap two, I found myself experiencing the wonders of the plastic "throne" in the middle of the damn race. After securing my bibs, which thanked me for the stop, and reclothing, I was back in the race, but a lap down. Here is the beauty of it all, the officials failed to count my lost lap and I ended up with 11th place....hmmm, maybe when you're 50 the officials consider an internal plumbing issue as a "mechanical" and grant you a free lap......sure enough to piss off Burnsy, who suffered through the entire 45 minutes, broke a chain, had to jump on Charlie Brown's bike to finish the race, and got 18th......I think I've got a new racing strategy. Thank you ACA officiating crew. I should have been 30 something in the results. Deep in my heart, I feel this may the greatest blog post I ever have....


  1. Hey. See you got your own blog! Welcome to the new trend. Let me know the next cross race that you'll be at. Next time, chug a bottle of Pepto-Bismal the night before and you'll be good to go in the morning :)

    Mario (Shortman, The Racer, Omar, you get it)

  2. yeah brotha....thanks for the inspiration. Big story on you will be coming when I get the time...