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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

THE YELLOW CHAIR. Where suffering on the bike ends, and world class single track begins...todays ride.

If you ever have the priviledge of riding a mountain bike in the Eagle area, at some point during directions to our world class single track you will hear of the infamous Yellow Chair. To get to the chair is a grueling, steady, heart rate busting effort. The climb starts out easy enough winding through Hockett gulch and the sage infested valley...of course my biggest allergy is to sage....then approaches Tick Alley. The next 15 minutes or so are plain and simply pure hell on a bike, and if you clean the climb ALL the way to the chair, you have earned the right to experience some amazing single track, especially after a day when it has rained HARD and then dried the next morning...we call that a "powder day" on the bike here...that was the case TODAY. From there you have many choices which I'll leave up to you when you visit or go for a ride as a local.
Today I was on a bit of a mission to discover some new single track which I had stumbled upon three years ago while grouse hunting on know what, A NEW SECTION OF SINGLE TRACK IS ABOUT TO BE UNLEASHED. A gathering of ten local trail rats will soon be released to "clean up" this never ridden and hidden trail and we will have another amazing loop to ride here in our backyard....this will remain triple top secret until the work is done and we have had our fill of it. As of now, no one knows of or has ever seen this trail, it will be a great addition. I have deemed this trail "The Cutoff".
Today was a great ride, bumped up some grouse along the way and when they flushed they almost made me soil my chamois with all the racket (that seems to be a theme as of late). Then I ran into a group of was crazy.
Anyway, I hope you all find the Yellow Chair sometime, stop there and squeeze the sweat out of your helmet pads, then go rip some single track. Take "the world's greatest downhill" home and you will find out why it has been named's also the reason it is leading "favorite trail" poll as we speak. Keep the rubber side down, but not on the dirt. LG

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  1. hey Larry, great blog! the rides sound so good, I can't believe summer is over and I haven't even ridden under the white flag with you, and the rest of the guys. maybe we can still fit a ride in?