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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It's all so've got a huge race in three days, a NORBA National in Snowmass, nothing but rest and some spinning ahead when the call comes in from Jono. " and Zach B. are heading down to Monarch Crest in?" When this call comes in there is only one answer...I mean you now have the opportunity to go ride one of the country's most amazing 35 mile mountain bike single tracks with a current RAAM winner and one of the funniest, most talented riders in the Vail Valley, to get a call at all from these guys to go ride anything is flattering enough at my age...but the Monarch Crest?....HELL YES I'M GOING! Screw the NORBA national race in three days, I'd rather go get worked with the "boys" on Monarch Crest any day of the week.
It turns out to be a bluebird day, no wind, cool temps, probably my most fun ride of the summer. Jono and ZB are super cool to ride with, if they invite ya, they don't drop ya...but just the same keep you working your ass off to keep up the pace, all the while laughing at how we stole a day away from the world up on Monarch Crest. You guys rock it. Thanks.

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  1. Yeah,
    Dog you rode the shit out of it that day Bra!!