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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm pretty much too fired up and buzzed right now to do a bunch of blogging. Otter was killa today, great day at the SQUIRT booth and pre-rode the 20 mile XC course, ran into Nat Ross along the way, Jen Gersbach from SPOT, and demoed the Gary Fish Superfly niner to pre-ride the course on a waaaaaaaaaaaaay fast course. Here is some shit from today. We now have to go to a party....
big buzz around this rig...circuit racing on Friday...

SQUIRT lube gang...ready for pre-ride

from snowstorms to snakes....saweeeet

"girls squirt too" chainstay guards...everybody wants one.

the duke brown connection...wuz up duke?

the dudes looked at me like they wanted to kill me when I asked them if these cars had pedals in them....guess not.

dirt bike demo gals...

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  1. OMG is right! I want one! Girl's Squirt stuff... I'll be the Ptown Squirt Girl...Hook a sister up, LG! Oh yeah, I'll take one of them Gary Fisher carbon fiber hardtail TWO NINERS too while we're at it... Coz you know...Two Nine or Not Two Nine... THAT is the question! Good luck on ya tomorrow! ~puma