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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is Leif Borgeson, Leif was a very good friend of mine for many years. Leif was the Snow Safety Director at Arapahoe Basin and a patroller there for 21 seasons. Today, while hiking the ridgeline to Aspen Highlands Bowl, Leif collapsed and left this earth. I will miss Leif alot, he always made me smile when I visited Arapahoe Basin and hung out at the First Aid building or PHQ. He was one of the first Ski Patrollers to work strictly on Telemark skis and he could rip it, and taught alot of people alot of good stuff about snow safety. Why the fuck do the good ones have to leave us so early, why?
RIP Leif, you are not replaceable, and you will be missed dearly. We shall chat over a cup of Jo again someday in the future, and smile and laugh. Cheers.

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