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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


And boots out the only pot shop owner in town, so much for opening a restaurant in Eagle in the future, especially if I was going to have warm chocolate chip cookies on the menu.

P.S.-I do not smoke weed, however, I also do not think it is any of my business to tell others whether they should or should not do anything, unless it is building a Mega Mall in my backyard.
 Just sayin.

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  1. It is big bull shit that the government will allow all these chemical engineered medications to be handed out like candy to pretty much anyone who wants them. With "possible" side effects such as: birth defects, vomiting, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, suicidal thoughts, or even death to name a few.

    But NO, we can't get an organic, naturally renewable form of medication if we want it. I'm not even saying that I support smoking marijuana on a personal level. Would I smoke it? Probably not. But the option should be made available to those who prefer an alternative to possible "death".

    Just shows how much the government controls the medical world...