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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is a picture of a bike rider racing Cult Cross right here in my current home town of Eagle. Eagle is struggling these days, real estate prices have tanked, like everywhere, EVERY single business that has tried to make it in Eagle Ranch in the business core there has gone out of business over the past eight years or so because there is no money or population to support them, everyone except the bar at the Dusty Boot, and only because the owner has deep enough pockets to keep it rolling. The Eagle Ranch Golf course and fitness center cost roughly $500,000 just to keep them open and operating every year, and the town pays for it. Some moron developer thought it would be a good idea to build a mega mall here to get things rolling, in what is possibly the WORST time in history to open a cookie cutter box store mall, which got voted down by the smart people here. The town manager blew an opportunity to annex the Eagle/Vail airport into the town limits of Eagle many years ago which would have greatly expanded the town's tax base and probably gotten us a nice new fitness Facility which the town of Gypsum now has which I'm sure was at least subsidized with tax dollars generated from the airport. The town of Eagle bitches about not having enough events in town to bring in more revenue. For three years I have attempted to do something about this, alone. I've brought a series of bike races to town to try and support the lifestyle here as well as introduce our town to people who do not ordinarily come here, and some have come, and enjoyed it. I approached the new "chamber" type committee called "One Eagle" which is trying to promote the town and offered to make my bike races part of something bigger, I did not receive one follow up call, from any of them. I founded a trail advocacy group to be stewards of what we have on the outskirts of town here to help promote and improve what is here, and I ended up improving and creating everything alone, until others came in with their own agenda and tried to make this their own political statement. Now there are self proclaimed "locals"whom I have never seen riding here in Eagle in 11 years who are publishing a book about the trail system here......perfect. For these and many other reasons I just simply say no, I'm done, I'm not going to promote this town any more to blind eyes and ears, you guys do it, you create the races, the groups, the events. I'm tired. I gave a lot and I've got no more to give. I tried, I quit. For the few people that enjoyed what I attempted to do here, thanks and I hope you had some fun for that was the bottom line, one of them anyway. I'm turning a page today, no more Squirt Lube (god knows I banged my head against the wall for over four years with that), no more race promotion, and no more work with the lube distributor...good bye to all of it, I'm free.


  1. Always wondered why everyone in town says how obnoxious you are. Now I know. Enjoy your new found freedom :-)

  2. Being a business that is surviving in good ol' Eagle, and someone who promotes the town, town events, and participant in Elgee's events (successful events in my opinion), I am sad to see my good friend exasperated from attempts at giving this area something great. You always did an amazing job Larry and there will be a gapping hole without your events and when you leave this area.

    p.s. to the individual who is calling Larry obnoxious... you try and promote and run an event in Eagle. I can't believe you will insult someone who gives to the community and then not have the satchel to leave you name.

    The Yeti

  3. Only the Republicans find me obnoxious....cheers anonymous, you gutless mole.

  4. I cannot thank you enough for all the great things you did. I never raced before I met you and I can only agree. If only those who claim to have the best interests of this town in mind had your imagination or balls we would be living in a far more successful community. As it is, this towns future is tied to all the hard work you put in and people like you. Thank you.
    The Limey

  5. Pretty bummed to see you and your events go but I saw first hand the emotional roller coaster it put you through.

    See you on the Front Range my friend.


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  7. short time reader, first time poster (on any blog of any sort)...My suspicion is that a lot more people appreciate your efforts than you will likely ever know, and for that I personally apologize. We have never met, but as a relatively new member of the Valley community (5 years in Vail and in Eagle since last March) I have been reaping the benefits of your hard work without properly paying it forward. Hopefully I am able to focus on community more than my own riding time more, what happens to the Hardscrabble Singletrack Coalition? Does it die with your relocation? Or do you pass it along in the hopes that more progress can be made?