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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Thursday is going to be a bit different than most days. There is a gathering at the Keystone Conference Center followed by a chance to head up to A-Basin to remember one of the Legend's legends, Leif Borgeson. I'm not sure what my value is to being there tomorrow, but I would not miss it for the world, and hopefully the weather Gods, with consultation from Leif, will keep Vail Pass open tomorrow in this monster of a storm rolling in tonight so I can be there. I've heard some of the very old school have gathered in the mountains of Colorado for the occasion as they surely should. Leif was such a good one, and he lived a great one, and he left early, and tears will be shed, and it will feel good to hug some of my truly old friends tight tomorrow that I have not seen for many years, one in particular who I've heard is in town that I have not seen in ages, another of the best. This day will be full of incredible highs and incredible lows, and we will all leave stronger at the end, for we all knew Leif, and we are lucky for that. I say we all crash the floor at the A-Frame tomorrow eve, then get up Friday morning and go rip a line for Leif, he'd like that, so would I.

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