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Friday, August 5, 2011


Which according to them is because of financial issues, but I smell one hell of a BIG skunk on this one. So upon this news, which also fucks me on announcing MY FAVORITE race of all time, the 24 Hours In The Sage in Gunnison, Colorado, I was immediately invited to PARTICIPATE in the Sage and I have accepted.
I've also decided for the first time in a very long time to use a REALLY BIG FONT on A2B, just because it has been so long since I have last done this. And here is the beaut of it, by the way thank you Traci Rock, you rock, I'm gonna go Solo, and I'm gonna ride the 1986 Rockhopper which I purchased in Riverside, California at Raincross Cyclery all those years ago, because if there were ever an event that this baby should come off the wall for, the 24 Hours in the Sage is it.  This is DEFINITELEY a bucket list item folks, see you there. I'm going to be crashing YOUR campsite in two short weeks....this is THE greatest 24 event in the world, don't miss it.


  1. We did hear of a sponsor dropping out of the event just a couple weeks before the race because of hardship. We also know the promoter was busting his butt to find another sponsor to cover the last minute loss. I hope your in touch with the promoter? He found a sponsor to cover the last minute drop out. I will call him.

  2. I hope I don't give a shit, this was handled a little quick on the trigger. My career won't suffer due to their decision and I'm headin where I'm welcome that weekend, the 24 in the Sage! Keep your money, I work with people of integrity.

  3. Well shit! I was so looking forward to my 3rd sage and my 4 man ss team appears to have folded. Was going to make a solo run- and still may. Whatever event that screwed you- is their loss plain and simple! You were a blast at the sage last year. So hope you enjoy ridin in it this year! Hopefully i can make it down!