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Friday, August 12, 2011


It's nearly here, and the task is daunting when you think that there are multiple cities that have to TOTALLY have their shit together to pull this race off. Medalist Sports basically throws each city involved to the tigers, with absolute amazing guidance via their past big stage race experience, and manages to pull off the impossible. With that said, A2B is going to attempt to give you the spectator and cycling enthusiast some viewing tips during the next 10 days to get you prepped. As you may or may not know I have been involved in the process for months now, as the sitting chairperson for the "Lifestyle Expo" during the Vail and Avon stages. 

Here is your first general viewing tip to see the race
Road closure will be enforced on each route each day, early. You will have the opportunity to see the peloton once during each stage, so pick your spots wisely, have fun, party some, and prepare to be patient when the time to move comes. You are going to witness a moving entourage the likes of which you have not seen in Colorado for some time, if ever. 

August 25th, the Vail Time Trial. First rider off at 1pm

Here is the scoop on Vail and the TT. Plan your day one of two ways.
1. Be prepared to spend the entire day in the Village at Vail, PARKING WILL BE VERY LIMITED, for more information on this go to, they are the BEST destination for information and logistics. 

Start your day off in the Village with the best cup of coffee in the Valley at Yeti's
Grind in the Solaris building RIGHT NEXT to the starting ramp for the TT.

Team parking will be in FORD Park, however, there will be team warm up on the UPPER DECK of the Village Parking structure, PARKING here will be CLOSED to the public. This is the spot to see your favorite athletes warm up on all 17 teams prior to their assault on Vail Pass and the decisive TT. There will also be a large Expo presence on the south section of the top deck here. The TT starting ramp will be located directly in front of the Solaris building, the course turns immediately left to the International Bridge, then another left at Check Point Charlie before rolling through the village and out to the road where it turns left up Blue Cow Shoot and onto the frontage where it's game on. The TT ends on old HWY 6 at the cul de sac 10 miles up the road total. VIPs will be in the Village on route and it's going to be going off! A great place to experience the actions
2. Park somewhere in West Vail, or even Avon, and RIDE to the TT Course early that morning (or attempt to camp the night before near the Forest Service Trail head and gate, and ride up the course near 0-2km to go. The course gets steeper at the top, and the riders will be suffering, and this is a great place to spectate. Be aware the racers will NOT be coming back down the course at the end of their ride, other arrangements have been made for their return to Vail.
The last 2KM of this climb may determine the outcome of the entire USA Pro Challenge, be there.
It's almost here, and it's gonna be special.

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  1. Hey Elgee - I am rounding up some club members to spectate the TT. We want to be at the finish to ring some cowbell. From what you know about the course, do you think it will be possible to ride up and be in place by 11:00? We are going to ride from Avon.
    I want to make sure the road doesn't get closed and our group gets in the right spot.