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Monday, May 21, 2012


 Most of you know how I feel about the Eagle River Station project proposed for development on the east side of town along Interstate 70. I think it sucks and is a potential nightmare for the town and valley. First of all, if you want to shop at a mall for your recreational activities, move to Glenwood Springs or Denver, and get out of Eagle. ERS is not going to save what you call "your town". It's gonna drag it into the dumpster. I'm not going to get into all the numbers and analytic analysis, it's a waste of time. I simply don't want a fucking mall in the town where I live. You probably are wondering what these photos have to do with anything. On my recent visit to Florida, where a jillion people live, most of the shopping malls there are dead, and I'm not talking just the little strip malls that were all put out of business by the mega malls every town had on every corner. I'm talking about BIG malls, empty and decaying. There was once a Target department store four blocks from my mom's place in NORTHWEST FT. LAUDERDALE, where millions of people live, literally, and it is now a HOLE in the ground, the store has been leveled with a fence now up and overgrown landscaping and piles of concrete randomly placed, and nothing is being  built in it's place. There is a WALMART going out of business there. It's sick. The most disturbing scene of all is that four of the golf courses I once played as a teenager close to home when I lived there are done, they are simply growing back over to a natural state as so many people have finally realized that golf is a waste of time for the money they had to pay to play and the cost of maintaining these properties became non profitable (sound familiar Cordillera?). These golf courses were all built in the middle of middle to upper class neighborhoods where real estate prices once flourished. Now these homes are on unmaintained property that is growing back to a natural state, it's a real estate DISASTER. Four golf courses are doing this, and that is within a ten minutes drive of my old home. It's sad and disturbing. This is the wave of the future. ERS is not going to magically put more money in people's pockets and turn around the town of Eagle, it's not going to happen, if anything, it will become a huge monkey on the back of our town. For the "blamers", you can talk shit on politics all you want and blame everyone else for your problems. If you want to change something then get off your ass and do it yourself. For me the past two years have been a challenge like everyone else, I've had my home foreclosed on, I've moved three times (thankfully back to Eagle the last time), I made some horrible decisions that cost me what little money I had left, and you know what, I'M HAPPY and I'm free of all the ball and chains, and I've reinvented myself as an event announcer, a journalist, a custom ski boot fitter. I also live in a town that has common sense and should tell Red Development to once again kiss off into the sunset tomorrow while we can still see a sunset that is not blocked by a fucking mall. Go away. Look at Stratton Flats in Gypsum for your Mall model, it's a disaster that NEVER got off the ground. Idiots.

And now, let's lighten it up just a tad, this is huntin.

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