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Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm intrigued by road racing and actually doing it. I like to do it on occasion, especially if there is dirt involved. I've done well a couple of times when I came into a race prepared. I have not been very well prepared for anything on a bike since about October, I'm still not. However, I do like to try and ride the Koppenberg each year because it is short and fun and hard. My first year in the 55+ category is this year on the road and it's the same as every other category, fast and difficult. On a very windy morning in Superior last weekend I found that out, as one small hesitation after a great start to the race created a gap to the lead dozen riders or so in a field of about 45 riders. In an instant I was hanging on for dear life trying to close a ten foot gap, then a twenty foot gap, then they were gone, and I was left to suffer with the rest of the chasers, some who also took me to the wood shed, but not all....being alive and healthy is a good thing, taking yourself too seriously is not....

Photos from Annette at MountainMoonPhotography

Left for dead to battle the rest of the chasers and pretenders at the Koppenberg, and loving every minute of it.

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