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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This bowl of plums was full yesterday. I shared a few, but have been eating these things like peanuts for the past week because I can't stop. And there are 1000's more where these came from, and I will continue to eat them. To say I could shit through a metal screen and not touch any metal right now is an understatement. Now I know what all the hoopla was about grandpa. Anyway, I have found eating this many moist prunes is a very high chamois risk while riding the bike, do not even attempt to push out a fart, just let them happen if you are riding, because if you push, you will surely bacon strip the hell out of your cycling shorts, which I did today, and I won gold, and in all my glory post ride I sat on the toilet and listened to this song in my head proudly. Whatever I can do to keep the metal count close to China for the USA I will do, especially if its gold.

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