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Monday, July 23, 2012


This is the motherfucker that has earned A2B DOUCHE BAG OF THE YEAR HONORS until the day they sit his ass down in the electric chair, inject him, fire squad his sorry ass, cut his balls off first of course and pull all the switches. 

James Holmes is certainly going to rot in the lowest levels of hell. Fucking Douche.
I have been tortured the last few days of how to respond to this lunatic's actions, and just find a way to be civil. This guy has got to leave the face of this great planet full of a lot of great people. To the Aurora first responders, police, emergency medical services, and especially the female dispatcher who handled this situation, I listened to the radio transmissions of the events today, with a broken heart, and you were all amazing, there is nothing else to say. Your quick and calm response saved many lives. The people of Aurora should be honored to have you watching their back. Fantastic.

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