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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 It's been a ,very long time, so long I can not remember when the mountain biking in and around Eagle was this good. We have gotten a more than welcome severe dousing of rain over the last couple of weeks, and yesterday eve was the topper with a flash flood type storm that came right over our single track covered Hardscrabble Mountain. The storm scoured all of the trails right down to the hard stuff, and sent all of that bullshit Gypsum moon dust right down the Eagle River towards California. There was not one fresh track up there today when I rode, anywhere, not a cow track, not a dirt bike track, not a jeep track, just one mountain bike track, and I remembered just how sweet it is here, and the riding was fast and effortless. Two big downed trees on Mike's Night Out are no longer there and it is simply perfect.
 The "Witches Tit" on the way to Mike's Night Out
 And the backside of the Tit

 Even the hike a bike at Mike's was easy walking...
 The start of Mike's veer right...
 Even ran into some Blue Grouse along the way
 And of course the descent of World's Greatest on the way over to the Boneyard.  ALL trails were damp and tacky, go ride out there RIGHT NOW.

And so in closing on this perfectly tranquil day, I just found out I'm going to this on the 28th. should make for interesting blogging. I'm shining up my cowboy boots as I type....think I'll go pick up some Skoal Bandits as well....what the fuck is this announcer saying anyway? I'm gonna jump right in this with the Subie and it's new engine dawg.

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