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Monday, June 3, 2013


 The Beti Bike Bash. Bam, that's it. 
It is plain and simply the coolest, most fun, most inspiring, full day of riding and racing for women out there. Yesterday was big fun. My hat is off to the women of the pro field who not only put on an amazing race, with Georgia Gould, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and USA National Champion winning, but also an incredible effort from Tokyo Joe's Erin Huck who battled through the Luna Pro Team to fini9sh second, with Teal Stetson Lee finishing third. Huck got caught up in the "Luna Sandwhich" for two laps before as Teal said during her interview, the Sandwhich became "open face" at the start of lap three when Georgia put in an effort and only Huck to stay close. It was stellar racing.
Top it all off with the women's pro field hanging out with the kids the rest of the day signing autographs and taking pictures, and it's as good as it gets for everyone involved. Yeti Beti has got one heck of an event going and it is inspiring. There were over 40 "never ever" racers yesterday, and I challenge them all to bring three friends next year to do the same. I'll be there.
 Georgia Gould, Erin Huck, Teal Stetson Lee, Judy Freeman, Heather Irmiger, Amy Beisel, Karen Jarchow at the podium.

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