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Thursday, June 6, 2013


What can you do to help keep things rolling? Here is what I carry when I'm out on a biggie with the intent to clean things up along the way. A Gregory pack, 80-100 oz. water reservoir, cell phone powered off unless I need it, work gloves, tube, patch kit, hand pump, multi tool (chain tool a must), FOOD, shock pump, extra chain link, 10 inch folding saw, meds (albuterol and epi pen), mini flash light, windproof lighter, TOILET PAPER. lube, survey tape and throw a Sharpie in there for jollies so you can write on survey tape if you ever have a mega emergency and have to walk in....this way you can write info as you go and leave it behind on tree and bush limbs. That's it. If you are worried about weight and the added difficulty climbing, you probably should not be in this group, just sayin. Have fun out there folks, ride safe and smart.
This has been a public service announcement from the HSC survival and fun council.
And look, before you go getting your jorts all in a ball up your ass because the Hardscrabble Singletrack Coalition is all rogue and everything. Take a deep breath and remember who started this entire thing, that's right, it was HSC. HSC actually had a FUNDRAISER which included showing the movie Klunkerz at the local coffee shop to raise funds for sign making equipment. Over thirty sweet signs were made with YOUR money and placed strategically around the Eagle singletrack system. Ironically enough, YOU tore down these signs after spending money to have them made. And nobody gave a shit. Unsanctioned, unincorporated, and doing plenty of good for your singletrack world. You become a member by doing ONE THING positive for the singletrack in and around Eagle. Whenever or where ever and you don't have to say a word about it. JUST DO THE SHIT. Thanks.

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