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Thursday, June 13, 2013


I drove a long way today. I drove from Eagle, Colorado to Gallup, New Mexico and was reminded all day of the tragedy taking place in Colorado's fires for the second year in a row by the fucking wind that blew the entire way for 8 hours. It blew like a bitch. It actually made the driving frightening most of the day. I was going to stop in Cortez and ride Phil's World, but it was too fucking windy. then I was going to drive to Farmington and fish the San Juan but it was still too fucking windy. So I droveall the way to Gallup so I could get up early tomorrow and go ride the course for a lap or two, which should be fun. This is the lap that 24 Hour Mountain Bike Nationals will take place on at the Enchanted Forest course.  Driving to gallup is a bit of a task and you are going to have to really want to race for stars and stripes to make that drive. It's a pretty depressing track dropping in from the north in Colorado. Makes you realize how hosed the Navajo Nation got screwed, the land is useless down there and there is absolutely no way to make money. The landscapes are nice and the wind blows like fucking crazy. I literally drove through a sideways sand/dust storm all day. It was brutal. But now I'm here and it's time for you all to get it on....for 24 hours. Best of luck to you all...

The irony of today's trip as I saw it, is that I drove right by this turn on my long journey today. None of you could probably name this turn without a proper description, and if you could then you know.There was a time and a day when this right hand turn represented the most excited a mountain biker could be if they were going to race for 24 hours. Now it's just another turn of a road that is being paved south of Moab. It will rarely see at vehicle turn right onto it again with a mountain bike on a roof rack. This is the right hand turn that goes to "Behind The Rocks Road". This was the site of what was once the 24 Hour race that no one could miss, and now it's gone and dead, and it's a shame. There are a lot of riders who have a lot of memories from this right hand turn, the bumpy ride in and out was special, and the venue was a city of life in the middle of the dessert for two days, and then just disappeared, just like the race has...I'll miss that shit.

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