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Sunday, June 30, 2013


The eve before yesterday and yesterday were pretty fun, for a while. This weekend was another Rocky Mountain Endurance race. It took place on Keystone Mountain and resort. This is the place where I first came to settle in Colorado 30 years ago after moving from the east. I could write a fairly interesting book about those 30 years. Some of the great stories come from the now empty structure on highway 9 that was once the Old Dillon Inn. Many great bands at one time played there when a friend, Bernie Murphy, who now owns Murphy's in Silverthorne (formerly the Fun Hog Ranch) managed the ODI with the infamous flashing BA sign. Bernie had put together a weekend of music at Murphy's this weekend which included bringing back the bands Tumbleweed and the Tennessee Hat Band. I swung by for a pulled pork sandwich and fixins for dinner and listened to some great music for an hour or so from both bands. There were many old friends there, some who have aged well and some who have not, and had a nice time. Closed out the evening with a drive up to Montezuma in the darkness for old times then went to bed early for a day of announcing at Keystone the next morning.....

 I announced the RME race at Keystone on Saturday, it was a good ol time catching up with many old friends as well as meeting their now grown kids, many of whom were racing. My music mix when I announce has about 300 songs in it, all of it carefully screened for fun and no foul language. The song "I Like Big Butts" (Baby Got Back) came on the mix and the few people there watching were bouncing along to the music when I was approached by a young women who did not introduce herself to me but instead frantically asked me if the version of the song I was playing was censored. I looked at her in disbelief. She was freaking out and indicated I could not play that kind of music. I laughed with a "really?" look and forwarded the my mix onto the next song. When heads turned I told the crowd I could not play that particular song because it had the word "butt" in it. She returned with another woman who wanted to know who I was, to which I gladly obliged, and she told me I could not play music for the family crowd that had the words, "butt", "horny", or "ass" in it. Boy, I'll bet she would be fun on a date....needless to say, I'm pretty sure that my announcing career at Keystone is over, and if it's not, let's make it official and say I won't go back there again to call the action. I Like Big Butts...

And just so you know what we are talking about here...I took this photo of the crowd just a few minutes after being berated....not a lot to offend there folks. Chill Keystone.

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