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Saturday, December 19, 2015


It never happens every season. when the money is on the line, no matter what has happened previously during the cyclocross season, the creme rises to the top on the day of the State Championships. Tim Faia had dominated the 40+ masters category all season..and then today, in the mud and frozen ruts of Rhyolite Park, and the soggy snow, Brandon Dwight and Pete Webber of the BCS/Yoga Glow team rode the rest of the field to their death quickly, and of course once again had a sprint finish for the title. I feel like I've called the scenario 100 times, it's basically Ground Hog day in the Cyclocross world. Today it was Brandon Dwight, by perhaps a half wheel at the line as the two sprinted for the win side by side. Pete Webber led it out and Brandon over took him just yards from the line on his right...revenge is best served up on a cold plate when these two race....look for the same next season.

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