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Thursday, December 17, 2015


 Legending is almost back in full swing. Plain and simply put, Arapahoe Basin will always be the FAV of A2B, nothing else compares. Every year it is a blessing to be healthy enough to get back up on the hill and ski and enjoy this place. For weekend warriors, you are basically screwed, but during the week if you live in Lakewood, it's less than an hour from driveway to Pali lift. Of course the best option to truly ski bum is to live somewhere in the county of Summit, but that has become virtually impossible these days with the cost of living an with the explosion of growth in the mountains. Long gone are the days of having one crappy job and a funky old house to live in with 5 of your buddies paying $75 a month, it's become virtually impossible to truly ski bum anymore, but I'm still doing my best to keep the tradition rolling. Earl season in Colorado this year has been fantastic, Loveland has received over 130 inches to date. Bam, go get er done.

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