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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


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Look, people seem to think I've got something against the Fat Bike. Well I don't, well I kind of do, but that is besides the point. No one seems to think "I get it". But I do "get it". I've ridden em. Fat bikes kind of belong on the beach, with a fishing pole hanging out the back end of it, riding along the surf at the Sea Of Cortez. I've raced one on dirt and farted around on one, and for me it says "GO SKIING" instead. I think the thing that bothers me most is that everyone who buys a fat bike wants every one who does not have a fat bike, or bought a fat bike, to know about it, when we actually don't care. I mean to be honest, I think it is great that so many people love the fat bike, if you are having fun and not getting hurt or frostbite riding your bikes that is all that matters, but you do not need to tell the rest of us about it, just go do it, enjoy it, and keep it to yourself. I do not tell you the great joy I find in picking up the last pile of dog shit in my backyard when I take on the task, but it is blissful, but I'm also kind of sure no one else really wants to know about it. Fat Bikes have been around for a VERY long time, but most of you do not know that, you just think that out of no where, they just showed up. I've ridden them on snow and dirt, and do not particularly care for the ride.....with that said, if you ride one on the beach, there is a 24 inch wide swath where the ocean breaks onto the sand and then recedes that has the perfect density for riding a fat bike, and there a a lot of fish that live in the oceans, and this is where the beast is at it's most practical use, where it really works for what it is just go ride the fucking thing and have fun, that is all.

Now lets get back to what I meant to be talking about in this post. I like bikes, I also like bike races, no matter what type of race it is. I also like to announce bike races, it's my job and I really like it. So when I was asked by Dave Ochs in Crested Butte to announce the first ever Fat Bike World Championships, I of course said yes, and I'll also throw my skis in the car, know what I'm sayin? So bring your Fat Bikes, this is gonna be a hoot, in one of the true birthplaces of mountain biking. My first race ever on a mountain bike was in Crested Butte in the summer of 1984.....just about the time the first 'fat-bikes" were being built. See you there, bring beer.

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