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Friday, February 5, 2010


One small detail left out of last weekend's shananagans was the fact that I stopped in Denver the night before leaving for Cali and crashed SIA, which moved to Denver from Vegas this year, which I would call a VERY smart move. One of my best friends in the history of the world, Duke Brown, who is the recreation director at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana was down for the show with his crew. This guy rarely loses MTB /downhill events in his age classification and has also held some world record fly fishing laurels over the years. What this meant was multiple beers after crashing the show and a free concert from EverClear at the Bluebird Thursday night.
This looks like a great way to just plain and simply fuck yourself up.

Duke contemplates buying the collector's edition memorabilia book from Hard Rock on the 16th street mall

The Atomic ski pitch for 2011, ski design has gotten CRAZY. Reverse Camber is something I've got to check out if it ever snows again.

Hard Rockin it Downtown Denver.

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  1. Hi! My name is Jordana Brito. I was researching for the name of your friend, Duke Brown, and lucky you are his great friend. I hope I can have your help, but if it's not possible, I'm sorry to disturb you...
    The fact is that I have worked at Yellowstone Club last winter (2009/2010) in Food and Beverage department and in the end of the season Duke came on me and my brazilians friends and gave us his contact, but I already tryed to send him an e-mail but I always get a reply saying that the e-mail is wrong.
    So I really need to know if you have his e-mail cause I wanna go back next winter and be part of Recreation's staff. If it's possible wait for answer, my e-mail is:

    I would really appretiate it!