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Monday, August 23, 2010


photo poached from Noah's Facebook page
Look, we all play our favorites, so when I called Jake Wells to be first in at the 24 Hours in the Sage on lap one, on a singlespeed for the first time, I thought it was a pretty good shot. Problem is, I was announcing the event and made my bold statement over the PA prior to the start of the race as a loose prediction of things to come. So we are getting close to our first rider coming in after lap one, and this fifteen year old shows up, in 50:16. And everyone is like.....WHAT? So I scan my bib sheet and find this KIDS name, and it's Noah Talley from Utah. And then Jake Wells comes in a COUPLE of minutes later. The rest of his team was smokin as well, all throwing sub hour laps for the entire race en route to a route of the rest of the team fields. Bottom line is this kid is top notch, already is hooked by Cannondale and Squirt Lube, and is into CYCLOCROSS. His dad has got all his ducks in a row as well and Noah is FOR REAL. Fastest day and night lap, in his first ever 24 hour event. You WILL be seeing this name often at the top, stay tuned. Noah blew EVERYONE away in Gunnison this weekend.
(Brief Update)
In response to the below comment, Noah has been racing Moto since he was 7 and was VERY accomplished at this as well, hence his mad handling skills and negative body fat.


  1. This kid passed me on a short uphill during the time I crested the top...he was already out of my sight on the downhill...and it was a long downhill, with no trees to block my view. And I'm not exactly slow...

  2. Nothing like watching the real deal! i think he passed me on the tarmac and was heading back before i got to the dirt!

    Larry G! awesome job on the mic nice meeting you!