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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


One of the coolest parts of working around the cycling industry is some of the characters you get to meet along the way. Some are just folks looking for a free sample of this or that, others are out there on a misssion, introducing Hirsch, who I met at the Crested Butte Fat Tire week last summer. The guy comes over to the Squirt Lube tent and starts talking about this "trip" he's taking, and of course at that point I'm not quite sure what type of "trip" he is talking about. But he explains more, that he is going to ride around the world and has heard how long Squirt Lube lasts and that he wants to check it out. So I hook the guy with a bunch of bottles and the next thing I know he is riding Squirt Lube around the world...and I get an e-mail with some pics last week. Get some Hirsch.


  1. That's completely insane, yet completely fucking awesome all at the same time.

  2. That's why I gave the guy the Squirt, I mean who could make that shit up right?