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Thursday, December 31, 2009


It was VERY close this year, but congratulations to Charlie Sheen on his 2009 victory

There seems to be a re-occuring theme with this award every year, it always has something to do with somebody being shit-ass drunk and then doing something that pretty much fucks up their life either permanently, or temporarily long term. In 2007, it was the incredibly shit faced fishing guide who ended up losing his business, wife & kid and home to his fine deeds which ended having him charged with assault and battery, and then convicted of crimes related. Then in 2008 it was the dick fuck, and teacher I might ad, in Kansas City trying to beat up Cyclocross fans at the National Championships in a drunken stupor in his underwear when it was 20 degrees outside. Well, this year, sir Charlie Sheen wins it over about 100 other arseholes due to his Christmas eve battering of his wife in their 7.5 million dollar home which was rented in Aspen last week. As you know, Charlie is the star of "Two and a Half Men". Apparently, Charlie Sheen is the "half man" in that show as he apparently has a liking for wacking women around that he is married too or in some other disfunctional relationship with. I just had to go for the guy who spent Christmas day in the slammer in Aspen after beating on his drop dead beaut of a wife....what a man. Have a drink on me Charlie, you pulled out a very late and close victory this year when Tiger had a wrap on it. At least Tiger's wife got a couple of good shots in on him before he was found rolling around on the asphalt crying thirteen other women's names in a stupor. Atta boy Charlie!

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  1. I thought that I had this one wrapped up !!! Was I at least a close second Elgee?