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Sunday, December 6, 2009


The 2009 ACA Colorado State Cyclocross Championships closed out the season with more of the same yesterday, mud and snow, on a course that produced what I would like to describe as a "batterfest" most of the day. Reminiscent of Kansas City two years ago at Nats when conditions changed dramatically during the course of the day, from snow packed ice to kacky mud, and then frozen mud ruts later in the day when temps plummeted. The best bike handlers and most fortunate riders were able to battle through alot of adversity to gain podium spots. For others, many we are accustomed to seeing on the front, the bell of misfortune clanged loudly, and dreams were shattered for many of the favorites as chains dropped, crashes injured, inner tunes wrapped and flatted and a myriad of other difficulties provided opportunities for some fresh blood on podiums. If you had no crew and spare bike, you were how should we say...fucked.
Below, Chad Melis did not have enough Gordon Beer to pour on his bike during the race to keep it clean, and instead had to clear the brakes many times while racing, but still finished well. And that shit on the down tube, well that is frozen solid. No shit.
Pete Webber wisely moved off the front early in the men's open race and was chased by a group of seven. Jake Wells had the early hole shot, then regained the lead on lap three after a crash, but a series of mishaps by all the chasers with the exception of Brandon Dwight led to control of the race by Boulder Cyclesport teammates Pete Webber and Dwight. They rode together for four laps until Webber attacked early with one to go. Dwight stayed tight. The sprint to the line for a 2009 championships was amazing, Dwight came from the back to the front, Webber countered just shy of the line, and with shoulders literally rubbing at the line, Webber took the win by a just a foot or so. Matt Pachoca was able to overcome his own race issues late a secure the last spot on the podge. I almost blew a nut on the finish call it was so damn close.
The Spiral of Death, if it looks confusing, well, it was.
Besides that race, the 35 Mn's Open was as usual hotly contested. Two BIG heavies, Faia and Cariveau were felled early with mechanical issues allowing Ward Baker to suddenly be off the front and stay there for the championship, it was great stuff. And the crowd cheered loud and hard for Baker when he crossed the finish as excited as a 6 year old getting the gold ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...

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